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Hi and Welcome,

Thanks for visiting my blog. This blog has been inspired by my urge to share my travel experiences and my aspiration to start something afresh beyond a refreshing professional break.

To brief about myself I am Varsha Tyagi an ex Banker by profession. After spending 8 years in Corporate world where I worked with three major banks , I went on a break to experience the best feeling in this world called motherhood. My impulse to seek and experience this wonderful world and a tacit passion to write brought me to the idea of becoming an amateur blogger.

I believe the word Infinite suits best if the beauty of our planet is to be quantified. As Shakespeare has said ” The Earth has music for those who listen”. I also believe that God’s most beautiful gift to mankind is this Life where your dreams drive your passion. I dream to experience the limitless beauty and charm of this magical world.

In the last 10 years I visited several beautiful places, met fabulous people, experienced various hotels, relished exotic delicacies and witnessed diverse cultures. I believe sharing my experiences will help me create long lasting memories of my travel beyond photographs. Moreover I also believe that sharing information can be of immense help for numerous travelers moving places across the globe.

I welcome your feedback to enhance and improve this blog. Please write to me at varsha.tyagi@gmail.com.