Weekend Road Trip to Chandigarh-Parwanoo-Kasauli

Timber Trail Heights in Parwanoo, a small town known for its apple and peach orchards is a common halt en route Kasauli or Shimla from Chandigarh or New Delhi.


A luxury hotel complex in the Shivalik Ranges about 5000 ft above sea level is more famous for its uncommon way of accessibility via a cable car or ropeway. The short eight minutes one way ride offers the spectacular view of the hills and the deep valley coloured with a mix of caramels and greens.


Due to summers the river below had transformed into a dried river bed leaving the scenic view during rains for my imagination.




The view deep down while on our way to the top of the hill was amazing.



The visitors can stay for two hours to enjoy the property and view up there unless they are staying at the hotel on the top.




Well maintained open area with beautiful flowers blooming all the way lead to the garden area.



There was a restaurant, a playing garden area and adventure sports for kids to spend those two hours. Those who wanted to click the valley the view from the top was good. After spending a good time, with kids enjoying the most we made our way back to the cable car and descended down through the rope way to continue our journey for Kasauli.


The Timber Trail Resort at the foothills and Timber Trail Heights on top of hill as seen here are connected via rope way.

Kasauli like other hill stations offers various points like The Sunset and Monkey Points overlooking oak and chestnut woods, The Gilbert Trail an easy hiking trail and Holy landmarks and architectures. With little time in hand we decided to spend it in serenity of nature at the Sunset Point.



A peaceful walk up the hill through the well maintained roads by the Indian Army was a mood enhancer. Being a cantonment area motivational sign boards with patriotic slogans were worth a pause and read.


As we started ascending the slope just about the corner was a secluded bench as she overlooked the green woods and the hills afar. I decided to give her some company and she proved to be a good pal. The view of the deep forest and soothing breeze had an unmissable tranquilizing effect and so was worth a stop.



As we tootled up the hill the little wild flowers and the pine, oak and chestnut trees cloaked the entire landscape. The new leaves budding on the trees gave a feel of freshness to the surroundings.


The Sunset point had a small play area for kids where they enjoyed after the long uphill stroll. They were little uninvolved with the mood of witnessing the setting sun 😀


Weather was a little misty which made the very far off view a little difficult. Though we could see the tranquil beauty of the green valley from the point, we had to leave as the little travellers with us were exhausted waiting for the sun to go down. It was almost a two hour drive we could reach Chandigarh to end our a day long trip.


Before leaving for Delhi next morning we spontaneously decided to catch a glimpse of the famous Rock Garden on the way. Though this was my second visit to the garden this time it was purely on kids’ demand.


The sculpture garden spread in an area of 40 acres showcases a mosaic of sculptures and art work innovatively designed and crafted using stones and waste materials like broken tiles, mirrors, bangles and similar scrap. It is very near to the Garden City’s famous Sukhna Lake. Pleasant experience although the place can be given a skip in peak summers.



Beautifully carved rock strewn passages gave the feeling of walking through a dungeon.






The earthen diyas and broken electric sockets were used to create an artistic wall.








The beautiful art work with broken glass bangles was eye catching.



The lovely weekend trip ended as we drove back home with some unforgettable memories with family and friends.


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    Your company to the lone bench must be a memory to both…. Loved your simplistic writing and yet the gripping effect on the reader.

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